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Success for the Sundown Mountain Alternative Education Program

By Carla Cross - Posted on 01 April 2013


Sundown Mountain, an alternative education program with a focus on credit recovery, is currently located in Surprise. The faculty at Sundown Mountain are utilizing PBIS universally and Check In/Check Out for those in need of additional support (along with SAP support groups). Since installing PBIS in 2012, they have seen exciting results in both discipline and attendance data. The 33% decrease in office referrals and 67% decrease in suspensions over last school year’s referrals and suspensions allows for more time for instruction and less time spent on discipline. Attendance data also indicates improvement. Attendance has increased by 3.4% overall during the first semester over last year’s attendance; sometimes as much as 8% during some weeks. The Sundown Mountain LCT is currently working on the tier three piece and is eager and optimistic about the continued change in their climate.