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Staff PBIS Lunches at Paradise Valley High School

By Carla Cross - Posted on 01 April 2013


At Paradise Valley High School we saw a need to use PBIS principles with the staff to create cohesion and inform them of their new programs. We decided to host monthly luncheons catered by our student culinary arts classes. Each lunch had a seasonal theme and a PBIS activity to reinforce PBIS methods.
* Thanksgiving: To reinforce recognition of students and staff small gifts were left on the banquet style tables. We informed the staff of PBIS methods of recognition vs.
punishment and asked that a staff take a gift, stand, verbally recognize and thank another staff in the room for exceeding their expectations, and, give them the gift. We had very good engagement and found teachers thanked experienced teachers for their unofficial mentoring.
* December Holidays: The response to the Thanksgiving lunch was so positive and
appreciative that we decided to repeat the activity adding more information on using PBIS in the classroom, expectations and nonmaterial reinforcements. We also had one of our teachers give their own testimonial on the dramatic results she witnessed by using
expectations in the classroom with a class displaying behavior problems.
* Super Bowl: We included a fun activity with staff throwing small foam footballs through a handheld goalpost that our Assistant Principal held. If they made it we thanked them and gave them a small reward. We informed them of the PBIS rollout
and other programs. Finally, we had two respected school coaches talk about how they use expectations with their athletes and in the classroom.
* St. Patrick’s: Introduced our freshman transition program, Link Crew, to staff with a fun activity.
* Late April: Lunch with all staff ½ day training. We will be doing our full staff pbis rollout with a guest speaker discussing expectation lesson plans, giving out our PBIS classroom signs, informing staff of our Major/Minor Incidents forms and data tracking. What we have seen and what staff is telling us is these lunches have provided a space for people to build a sense of community again. Although we were able to introduce PBIS concepts to the staff we were very mindful to keep it short and fun. The best method in the end to elevating staff morale was simply food, fun, and leaving staff to talk amongst their colleagues.

What we learned is teachers are isolated and something needs to be in place to regain