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Kids poisoned by medical marijuana, study finds (HealthDay News)

By ilene - Posted on 28 May 2013


Since medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado, more than a dozen young children have been unintentionally poisoned with the drug, researchers report.

More serious side effects include panic, paranoia, or acute psychosis, which may be more common with new users or in those who already have a psychiatric disease.

About half the cases resulted from kids eating marijuana-laced cookies, brownies, sodas or candy. In many cases, the marijuana came from their grandparents' stash, the investigators said.

After decriminalization, 14 children -- mostly boys and some as young as 8 months -- were found to have ingested marijuana. Eight had consumed medical marijuana, and seven ate marijuana in foods. Two were admitted to the intensive care unit.

SOURCES: George Sam Wang, M.D., medical toxicology fellow, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Denver; Sharon Levy, M.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston; May, 27, 2013, JAMA Pediatrics online

I think we need to be armed with better data when the kids say "See, I told you there is nothing wrong, it is legal in Colorado" Genetically engineered, cooked and disguised Marijuana is going to cause a larger problem than the hippy culture Marijuana of the past.

The emergence of bioengineered crops and novel, medicinal marijuana strains, means that marijuana is no longer what it used to be in the 1970's and early 1980s': some new, high potency strains, including some medicinal marijuana blends such as 'Connie Chung' and many others, contain up to 20 times more THC, the psychoactive constituent of marijuana, than did 'traditional' marijuana from the 1970's and early 1980's " explains co-author Dr. Delphine Psychoyos from the Center for Genetic and Environmental Medicine at Texas A&M University. "Furthermore, with the emergence of dispensaries and Internet websites, high potency marijuana and Spice products are now readily available to the general population."

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I see many more teens in junior high school than I ever have before, for legal consequences of their Marijuana use. Not only are they using but test in the "Dependence Phase" of drug use based on the SASSI-A3 screening I use.

There are several stages of drug use that may lead to dependence. Young people seem to move more quickly through the stages than do adults.

•Experimental use -- typically involves peers, done for recreational use; the user may enjoy defying parents or other authority figures.

•Regular use -- the user misses more and more school or work; worries about losing drug source; uses drugs to "fix" negative feelings; begins to stay away from friends and family; may change friends to those who are regular users; shows increased tolerance and ability to "handle" the drug.

•Daily preoccupation -- the user loses any motivation; does not care about school and work; has obvious behavior changes; thinking about drug use is more important than all other interests, including relationships; the user becomes secretive; may begin dealing drugs to help support habit; use of other, harder drugs may increase; legal problems may increase.

•Dependence -- cannot face daily life without drugs; denies problem; physical condition gets worse; loss of "control" over use; may become suicidal; financial and legal problems get worse; may have broken ties with family members or friends.

Teenagers should be more aware of the health risks associated with high potency Marijuana. An increased risk of psychosis (hallucinations and paranoia), elevated heart rate, palpatations and arrhythmias. How about the loss of 8 points in IQ.

Not my favorite topic for a 12 year old boy but somehow I always get their attention. You can always pull the "Sperm" card, lowers testosterone levels and sperm counts. Scientists at Buffalo University found regular smokers had significantly less seminal fluid, and a lower sperm count. Their sperm were also more likely to swim too fast too early, leading to burn-out before they reach the egg.

So, as much as we know and as fast as this issue changes we are faced with knowing the facts.

It is still illegal in Arizona if you are a child. FACT.