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PBIS & the Use of Punishment

By s3az - Posted on 25 April 2012

Does PBIS have a position on the use of detention, time-out, or verbal reprimands?

Although PBIS has no specific restrictions on the use of consequence-based strategies, teaching-oriented, positive, and preventive strategies are emphasized for all students, to the greatest extent possible. The emphasis is on the use of the most effective and most positive approach to addressing even the most severe problem behaviors.

Most students will succeed when a positive school culture is promoted, informative corrective feedback is provided, academic success is maximized, and use of prosocial skills is acknowledged.

When student problem behavior is unresponsive to preventive school- wide procedures, information about the student’s behavior is used to:

(a) understand why the problem behavior is occurring (function); (b) strengthen more acceptable alternative behaviors (social skills); (c) remove antecedents and consequences that trigger and maintain problem behavior, respectively; and

(d) add antecedents and consequences that trigger and maintain acceptable alternative behaviors.

Courtesy of Maryann Judkins, S3AZ Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator.

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