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Marana High School: Motivating Staff with Data

By s3az - Posted on 07 May 2012


Marana High School has increased the communication between its S3 team and the rest of its staff. This semester, the Safe and Supportive Schools Committee electronically distributed its first newsletter. The publication outlined each member’s role and area of responsibility, as they relate to the tiers of the intervention triangle.

Articles update staff on the Student Assistance Program (SAP) and the use of incentive cards. Most impressive, however, is the reporting of data in two articles. The first discusses the number of office discipline referrals written for a general category of “policy violations” and explains that the S3 team can arrange for training providing behavior management strategies to teachers. The second article focuses on referral data disaggregated by grade level and type of incident.

Providing staff with data highlighting successes and areas on which to concentrate for continued improvement is highly motivating. Such data allow staff to see the positive results of their intentional efforts in the area of school safety.

What is your school doing to promote increased communication among the S3 team, faculty, and staff? Effective communication is essential to effective implementation of SWPIBS.

Adapted from a story submitted by Jane Ballesteros, S3 Coach and PBIS Trainer.

This story appeared in the S3AZ News. To download May's edition, please click here.