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The following recorded webinars were developed to provide information to and support for schools engaged in school climate and safety efforts. For each topic, you can view the webinar and download supporting documents.
  1. Tier 2/3 System Development: Tier 2/3 systems are natural extensions of Tier 1 systems; they include supports for students who do not sufficiently respond to Tier 1 strategies. Tier 2/ 3 systems are developed with the use of multiple sources of data and provide structure and guidance so staff and faculty can consistently, effectively, and efficiently respond to students needing additional support. This series of webinars provides information about each component of a Tier 2/3 system along with instructions and tools for Tier 2/3 Teams to develop each component.

    These webinars are presented by

    Maryann Judkins, Ed. D.


    Katie Eklund, Ph. D.

  2. Classroom Support Strategies: Support for student behavior in the classroom is key to academic success. This support, however, can be challenging at times. In this series of webinars, learn about and/or reflect on four core elements of a supportive classroom environment: structure, procedures and routines, instruction, and interaction.

    These webinars are presented by Carla Cross, M. Ed.

  3. BreakAway Basics: BreakAway is a process used in schools where students are viewed as resources and work with adults in true partnership to change conditions. A BreakAway Leadership Team (BLT) includes a range of students that are selected to be truly representative of the student body. In this webinar, learn more about BreakAway – what it is, what the key components are, and what is involved in putting together a leadership team.

    This webinar is presented by

    Barb Wayne, M. Ed.